Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tool#11 Self Assessing and Reflecting

1. I liked Animoto, being a user of You Tube for video clips.
2. I feel the information I have learned can benefit teaching and learning because it offers more tools.
3. Some of the tools offered me insight to new possibilities. It will take time for me to develop a capability to use some of the ideas.

Tool#10 Underneath it All-Digital Citizenship

1.  I would stress their are responsibilities and rules that we must all comply too. I would also point out that if rules are not followed, how it can affect your peers and the program. Thirdly, I would point out the consequences for the individual that broke or tried to work around the rules.
2.  Digizen looks like a good tool to teach about being a good net citizen.
3. This difficult to answer at this time.  I would confer with my peers, about ideas.  I would have rules clearly defined verbally and visually.  I would also have a class discussion, to clarify and answer questions.
4.  Also difficult to answer at this point.  I would hope the District or Memorial H.S. would communicate this to the parents.  I would hope my role would be to reinforce the policies to the parents, with updates, in reference to my class.